Our mission

We believe artists deserve the best possible tools and we are determined to give it to them. The goal with Leonardo is to make the best painting application ever.

Our story

Leonardo is designed and written by Henning Tegen. Henning is a passionate software developer and has been programming since the age of 10.

After making countless games throughout his teens and early twenties, Henning wanted to try something else but still within the realm of computer graphics. After talking to a lot of artists, designers and illustrators Henning started to realize that there was a need for a new painting application:

"Most people who paint professionally use Photoshop. But Photoshop is really designed for photographers and everyone else is kind of forced to use it for the lack of a better option. What if we could give artists their own application, tailored for their needs, that is better than Photoshop?"

So after college, in order to turn this idea in to a reality, Henning turned down various job offers, stayed in the same cheap apartment he used while studying and started working on Leonardo.


Xade Software AB
Lundagatan 44A
117 27 Stockholm

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