We are very excited to announce version 0.16.24 of Leonardo! In this release we have added two of our most requested features: a Paint bucket tool and a Magic Wand tool. We have also spent a lot of time cleaning up the code base and optimized performance.

The most common use case for a paint bucket tool is to create a mask underneath ink outlines. To make this as efficient as possible we have also added something we call "Select all as lasso" that does it in just a few clicks. Please check out the video below to learn more.

You can try out these new features for free during the next seven days even if your trial has already expired (until 2019-03-16). To get the latest version of Leonardo please open the Help > Software Update (or Help > About) in the current version of Leonardo and the new version will be downloaded automatically. If you don't already have Leonardo you can download it from the link below.