We are very excited to announce version 0.15.21 of Leonardo! In this version we have focused one some of the most common requests from our engineering, design and architect users.

Rulers, guides and grids make it really easy to align different elements, writing text on a straight line and measure things. We have also added the possibility to set the canvas units to inches, centimeters and millimeters which works great combined with the rulers. When you create a new canvas you can now also choose some of the most common paper formats like A4.

We have also made a bunch of UI improvements, like a color picker magnifier balloon, a new full screen button, zoom panel, "open recent" option, view panel and a lot more.

It's now possible to bind different tools to the right mouse button or the side button of your pen. We have also added three finger tap for Undo and holding down one finger plus the pen for changing the brush size.

To learn more about these new features please watch the following video:

You can try out these new features for free for the next seven days even if your trial has already expired (until 2018-10-26). To get the latest version of Leonardo please open the Help > Software Update (or Help > About) in the current version of Leonardo and the new version will be downloaded automatically. If you don't already have Leonardo you can download it from the link below.